Monday, 18 June 2012

Wishing Jack Osbourne all the best to "adapt and overcome" his MS challenge

Jack Osbourne
I've been thinking all day why I've been so struck by the news Jack Osbourne, Ozzy and Sharon's son, has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.
I know he is one of many and that he will receive the best medical care; so it's something more than the dreadful disease itself.
I had watched only a handful of  episodes of the family reality show when he was a teenager and, later, even fewer of his own extreme sports series Adrenaline Junkie.
But such is the nature of celebrity culture that even on this brief acquaintance I formed an impression of a man whom I rather liked.
On this basis there are members on the outer fringes of my own family, I know less about than Jack Osbourne to form an opinion.
Since hearing the news of the MS diagnosis, I've decided, I feel the same way I would if a work colleague had told me their child, who I had never met, had the disease.
Rather than indifference to a stranger's misfortune, the emotion would be concern and a wish for the best.
Jack Osbourne says his motto is now "adapt and overcome." In meeting this his biggest challenge, I expect he will bravely strengthen the resolve of sufferers and charities supporting MS research in common cause.

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