Tuesday, 31 July 2012

All credit to Tom Daley as Twitter troll arrested

All credit to Tom Daley. It is now being reported the teenage troll arrested by police in connection with allegedly sending the young GB Olympic diver a series of malicious tweets had included threats to drown him.
Initially the arrest was presented by the media as a result of the alleged scummy suggestion Daley had let his late father down by failing to win a medal in the synchronised diving.
It raised questions about the freedom of speech.
However objectionable the suggestion, we don't want the twittersphere being policed on matters of opinion however vile.
But if threats to individuals are made, the police have to take the threat seriously even if actual danger is unlikely.
For his part Daley complained to his Twitter followers about the slur related to his father. He called the troll an "idiot", an understatement in my book.

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