Saturday, 14 July 2012

Beckham's absence from Team GB football is wrong

Beckham holding a torch for Team GB
The closer I get to my trip to Wembley to watch Stuart Pearce's Team GB Olympics football side - two weeks tomorrow - the more I regret the manager's decision not to select David Beckham among the trio of oldsters.
I was resigned to the team falling outside of the medals but consoled myself with the thought that here was a chance to celebrate if not a football great then certainly a soccer legend.
Beckham is among the world's most famous sports stars, he had a key role in bringing the Games to London, and he's had a good season at LA Galaxy.
I know the ideals that saw the birth of the modern Games were put to rest when the rise of professional sportsmen and women replaced amateurs - and now it's the winning rather than taking part which is all.
But surely enough of the founding spirit must survive which recognises that Beckham is a decent man - a saint compared to Ryan Giggs, whose presence - on merit - would enrich Team GB not diminish it?
I know football fans much more passionate about the game than myself feel exactly the same way. Pearce shouldn't have let Beckham's name go forward if he intended to snub him.

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  1. I agree with everything you say here GC. But let's remember that we are dealing with Brand Beckham here, ie the 'comeback kid'. As with Columbo, " Oh, there is just one more thing " !


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