Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Brave Val Patterson sets the standard in obituaries

I was touched by the brave and funny obituary of Utah engineer Val Patterson, which he wrote himself before his death at the age of 59 on July 10th from throat cancer.
Talk about seizing the day, every line reflects a love of life.  It's no wonder he has set the internet humming.
The Salt Lake Tribune gives a good account of the story and provides links to Patterson's actual words and that of the Starks Funeral parlor's condolences website page, which has had many thousands of hits.
Patterson's motto was "anything for a laugh" and he entertains readers with some of the pranks and misdemeanours of his youth.
His one regret was the smoking that shortened his life and parted him from his beloved wife of 33 years, Mary Jane.
"He wanted to set a new standard on how obituaries should be written," she said and Patterson did just that.
Read his obit for yourself; you won't invest a more enriching few minutes all year.

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