Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Getting Olympics tickets is only half the battle - getting inside the stadium might be even harder

My Olympic Games tickets arrived today - my son and I are going to watch football Team GB play UAE at Wembley Stadium on July 29th.
I had already started ringing the Games customer phoneline (with no luck) about their no-show.
So you'd imagine my worries were over. Not a bit of it following the "critical information" email - a few does and mostly don'ts" - I received later in the day.
It advises we arrive hours early to clear security and to expect to empty our pockets when we are checked through.
It's best if we bring no bags at all. Transport will be very busy and inside the ground only Visa cards and cash will be accepted for payment.
There's a long list of "prohibited and restricted items" from firearms (phew!) to bottles of liquids over 100ml capacity.
Large flags, rattles, flares, and musical instruments are banned, so it's not all bad. But you can't bring your own booze.
The warning seems to suggest if you bring a baby, security personnel reserve the right to taste a liquid if it's said to be breast milk.

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