Monday, 30 July 2012

If only all football matches were as pleasant as Wembley Stadium's Olympic games on Sunday

Giggsy on target
I'm happy to report on a very successful visit to Wembley Stadium yesterday to watch Olympics football.
My £60 ticket produced the best seat I've ever had at a football match - lower tier, exactly on the halfway line.
It provided two games Senegal v Uruguay and Team GB v UAE, the latter we won 3-1 with captain Ryan Giggs opening the scoring.
Access to the stadium from Wembley Park tube station was smooth; everyone in an official capacity guides, police, and security staff were efficient, cheerful, and helpful.
Yes, the food and drink was expensive as it always is at games. Those who hoped to pay with plastic were stymied. Olympics sponsor Visa insisted people could only use its card brand - but it developed a glitch. So it was cash only.
Most refreshing of all was the lighthearted spirit inside the stadium - complete with Mexican waves and bouncy balls.
An absence of aggressive fan behaviour, swearing, and obscene chants made this a safe place to take children - and many families took advantage to do so.
The childish booing of Uruguay striker - and more significantly Liverpool star - Luis Suarez every time he touched the ball was the only reminder of the cauldron of hate games can be.
National anthems were respected even if Giggsy forgot the words to his team's.

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