Sunday, 15 July 2012

"Jobsworth" was right to pull plug on Springsteen

Over night I must have joined the old farts' brigade. I woke to find I had turned more reactionary than both London mayor Boris Johnson and The Mail on Sunday.
They thought it wrong the plug had been pulled on Bruce Springsteen, during his duets with Paul McCartney towards the end of his concert in Hyde Park last night.
Springsteen and the E Street Band had been due to end their 3 hours+ performance at 10.15pm. Having sailed through the 10.30pm noise curfew agreed with neighbouring councils, the concert organiser turned off the power.
And quite right too was my first thought and I was surprised to find myself on the opposite side of the argument to bastions of the right.
Their case was the "jobsworth" concerned with snubbing the two rock legends should have let their encores continue.
There is good deal of snobbery on all sides. Some of the most expensive real estate in London surrounds Hyde Park and no doubt its inhabitants had the clout to get the 10.30pm cut-off imposed.
At the same time it's unlikely Boris and the Mail would be so gung-ho about the over-running of, say, a hip-hop concert.
Springsteen should have started earlier - or at least not late, as suggested by one report. By overrunning he made the case for more concerts in Hyde Park that more difficult.
He gave ammunition to those opposed to staging music events in the Royal Parks.
Anyway The Boss and Macca are so establishment a little bit of controversy is welcome.
My daughter saw Springsteen at a festival a few years ago and reported back that the sound was awful. A complaint repeated in some comments about last night.

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