Monday, 16 July 2012

Osborne's job is on the line but the Chancellor's safe for now

Cameron under pressure to sack his pal
The Tory press is gunning for George Osborne blaming the Chancellor's shambolic performance for the Coalition's poor standing.
A General Election tomorrow would see Labour back in office with leader Ed Miliband's reforms hardly begun. Questions about his leadership skills are dead and buried.
The Sun's veteran political commentator Trevor Kavanagh today calls for the Prime Minister to re-shuffle his pal out of No. 11.
Polling suggests that Osborne is the Tories' weakest link. But you dump your finance minister at your peril.
At home Osborne is slammed for his U-turn budget, his failure to introduce growth incentives at the same time as he wields the axe, and his permanent and insufferable smirk.
But his departure viewed from abroad would suggest Britain had gone soft on its determination to cut the deficit.
So I expect David Cameron to hang on to Osborne as long as he can in the hope the economy shows some signs of fluttering back into to life later this year.
But the Prime Minister is not in control of the ship of State buffeted in one direction by his rebellious backbenchers and in the other by unhappy LibDems.
The summer break couldn't come soon enough for the Tories; hostilities resume in the autumn conference season.

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  1. Growth is well done and anticipated to get worse. Yet other than the unemployed, everybody seems to be very busy. try getting any good tradesman at short notice.


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