Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Tony Blair should support the Chilcot Inquiry's bid to release his Bush papers for publication

Blair and Bush
News today that the publication of the 1 million word report of Sir John Chilcot's Iraq War inquiry will be delayed a year and might even run into 2014 isn't good for Tony Blair.
Britain's former Labour prime minister is itching to get back into public life. 'Friends' - cover for the man himself - suggest he believes he can help Ed Miliband kick David Cameron out of No. 10 in a 2015 General Election.
Blair's critics charge him with giving George Bush nod-and-a-wink support for the 2003 invasion of Iraq before it was put to either the Cabinet or the Commons; the 'dodgy' evidence justifying the attack being a parallel issue.
Sorry - especially to Jaffa - for my cock-up here yesterday. The rest of my lost post went on to say Blair's hide is tough enough to take the pounding he is likely to receive in the Inquiry's report and he cannot hope to return to public life in Britain until it's published. GC


  1. Unfortunately on my system when I pressed the "read more" section on your blog, the rest of your blog did not appear. Instead it went straight to "comment".

    In a healthy democracy, no matter how tempting, we should not go for those who have "raspberry rippled, ie "had their day".
    Blair would come with insurmountable baggage because of the huge controversy over Iraq. That button would always be pressed, rightly or wrongly. [Jaffa].

  2. Jaffa,
    Please see apology added to the original managled post. GC


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