Thursday, 19 July 2012

Victoria Pendleton documentary takes TV Gold

Victoria Pendleton: Cycling's Golden Girl on BBC TV last night ranks as among the best sports documentaries I've ever seen.
I viewed it again today on BBC iPlayer.
My interest in cycling was zero before the programme. But the trailer promoting the life story - both sporting and emotional - of a fit-looking Lycra clad young woman encouraged me enough to switch on at 9pm.
There's no doubt she is very attractive and more than worthy of being the cover girl of next month's Esquire.
But neither this nor even the fact she will be competing at the London Olympics to retain her Gold medal would normally have been enough to sustain my interest. 
But the documentary maker the multi-talented Daniel Gordon, while always sympathetic to Pendleton digs deep enough to discover what help make her tick and the will to win.
A pushy father, a challenging twin brother, the hard taskmaster trainers, and boyfriend Scott - a relationship which rocked the cycling establishment - are all revealed as components in Pendleton's success.
I wish her well in the Games and hope she can retire at  the top.

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