Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Why I hope Kristen hasn't cheated on Robert

I know the UK's plummeting economic figures today are of much greater significance but I was more surprised this morning to read magazine allegations that Kristen Stewart had cheated on her Twilight co-star boyfriend Robert Pattinson.
To make matters worse her fling was said to be with her Snow White and the Huntsman film director Rupert Sanders, twice Stewart's age, married, and with two children.
I hope the story is a tissue of lies and the supposed incriminating photographs turn out to be fakes.
Not that I give a fig about the young couple. I've never seen a Pattinson movie and certainly not any of the Twilight series; Stewart I remember from a couple of child actor roles.
Where Pattinson and Stewart surfaced in my meagre knowledge of the world of celebrity was as a young couple, who had conducted their romance with discretion and pleasing modesty.
Having finally admitted they were an item, they seemed very much in love. No dramas, no drunken scenes.
In other words to dust down that over-exploited expression they were rare showbiz "role models."
Well, that's taken a caning today. It just about leaves Michael and Catherine as epitomes of fidelity.

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  1. In the light of further steamy photographs and apologies, as I said above, it leaves Michael and Catherine... GC


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