Monday, 14 April 2014


I launched this blog ahead of my 65th birthday and intend to return to it shortly after a near two-year break with my 70th just over the horizon. I've not been entirely idle during this time with regular art gallery visits and travel as far afield as Japan.
But my main reason for putting the blog on ice was to concentrate my energies on an intended laugh-a-line comic novel Bonehead. However I stalled two-and-a-half chapters in and have suffered what has proved to be terminal writer's bloc. For Bonehead read Boneyard
If you take the trouble to read a couple of my short stories, you'll see I had some talent but not enough to carry the book - and the completed ones before it (and the film script, plays, and TV pilots) through to publication.
If on-line publishing had been around at the peak of my output the outcome might have been different.
But the creative well has run dry and I'm deserting the army of unpublished authors. Writing has been good to me. In my private life I reached for the keyboard when other men might have chosen the bottle.
Meanwhile national journalism proved to be a dependable first string and allowed me to pay my way in the world. And I still have this blog.
By rights I should launch an entirely new one but I'm proud of the near-700 posts in the archive I clocked up first time round and I don't have the heart to cast them adrift; that or I'm too lazy to start afresh.
This time I won't be as dedicated and will write only when the mood takes me, no photos, no videos and few facts. Nothing that will slow down an old man keen to pass on his thoughts and advice to his unborn grandchildren.
That then is to be my new focus. If the fruit of my loins were to drop their own offspring tomorrow, there isn't enough time left for their sprogs to grow to adulthood while I'm still around. If I am, I'll be too old to care. Watch this space.


  1. Pleased as punch to read your blog will continue.

  2. Thanks - but posts will be much more infrequent than before. GC


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