Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Kids eat your peas properly

Kids please eat peas properly. First you have to have been brought up to reject American-style one-handed feeding where diners having cut up their food proceed to eat it with a fork in their right hand.
One-handed eating is only acceptable where the fork (or spoon) can do the cutting without the necessity of a knife, for example, with cake.
Generally adults should hold their fork in the left hand, prongs pointed downwards and their knife in the right, the index finger extended and applying pressure along the handle.
You are now ready to eat peas. Never, never shovel peas on to the fork's upturned prongs. Rather you must hold your fork, prongs downwards, and squash the peas on to the back of your fork with your knife.
To eat one-handed looks juvenile, disrespects the food and those who have prepared it, and, above all, is just inefficient unless it has been previously diced - then use chopsticks.

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