Thursday, 17 April 2014

Kids let's have a meeting of minds at the Pergola

Kids if you ever want to feel close to your dead grandpa don't go looking for a gravestone. Visit instead the Pergola and Hill Garden - Hampstead’s best-kept secrets. I'll have probably been cremated anyway.
I enjoyed the Spring sunshine there yesterday making it my umpteenth visit to this little patch of Edwardian magic sandwiched between Golders Hill Park and Hampstead Heath.
Views across the woods from the raised terrace and vine covered colonnaded walk are as close as this city boy needs to be to commune with nature. As has happened before a fashion shoot was in progress; photographers clearly appreciate the perfect dreamy backdrop for their pictures presented by the Pergola.
But there is enough room and peaceful corners to allow quiet reflection. Now that I don't read poetry any more, it's about as spiritual as I become.
I'm sure you're bright kids so you can read up on how to find the Pergola and how it came to be built by soap magnate Lord Leverhulme. But I will break my no pictures/no links rule with the photo below because I took it myself one winter.

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